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    "Chris tells you in straight terms and no coded or vague words, but exactly what is needed and expected to follow this career." - RDW

    "This book breaks it down for you. If you have an interest in claims I would 100% recommend this book before getting started."

    "This book provides great answers and plans to making this work for you." - A. Agovino

    "This man is the Albert Einstein of Auto Adjusting." - Abe

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    Holy cow have I been going about my new IA career all wrong. THANK YOU CHRIS!! This guy truly wants to help you. I have a new outlook after reading this. If you are new to the IA life, this book is a MUST READ" - Reggie E

    "Being new to the industry, this book is one of the best reads. I would call it the Newbie IA Bible, once I started I couldn't stop" - AfterIt Claims

    What is it all about?

    Are you ready to start working as an independent adjuster? Sick of waiting?

    Would you like to own your own business in a recession proof industry?

    Do you need a map that will take you from having zero experience to getting claims as fast as possible... without the frustration, heartache, and the dreaded waiting…?

    In this conversational and action-oriented book, Chris Stanley presents a proven solution and underground playbook that will take from zero experience to working independent adjuster in as little as 30 days.

    In Independent Adjuster’s Playbook. you will find:

    • Chris’s 3 different roadmaps that takes you from inexperienced to working, in less than a month (become an IA FAST)
    • Playbook with the 5 rules of the game and plays you can use to put the odds of becoming a successful adjuster in your favor.
    • How to save thousand's of dollars in travel, courses, and trainings that don’t produce results... allowing you become a "qualified independent adjuster” on a budget.
    • The 13 steps you can use to successfully get your first claim… even if you don't have any experience in the claims industry.
    • How to sneak into the catastrophic adjusting field without going to the back of the line!
    • Easy to follow instructions every step of the way so you never get stuck or wonder what to do next in your adjusting career

    Independent Adjuster’s Playbook equips readers with the key to unlocking their dreams of becoming an independent adjuster and the freedom that comes from owning your own adjusting business.

    IA Playbook. turns aspiring IA’s into qualified adjusters.

    IA Playbook. helps you grow your income, skills, and business through getting you claims to work.

    Don't wait.

    This book is a call to action allowing you to embrace your dreams of becoming an insurance adjuster so you can claim your life.